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The Decisions You Make Expand or Contract Your Business

The Decisions You Make Expand or Contract Your Business


Indecision is still a decision.

Not taking the risk may be riskier than staying where you currently are.

Improving your situation is just one inspired decision away.

The future belongs to those who evolve and take action, even when it’s uncomfortable or you aren’t in a good place.

Invest and take a chance.

Risks are a series of small bets.

What’s the worst that can happen?

Taking risks can be fun.

What’s the worst that can happen?

Face it and move on.

You have to invest in our growth spiritually and financially to make quantum leaps.

We all learn through our trials as we test new approaches to generate results.

You may end up surprised that something so seemingly insignificant can produce an outcome you didn’t see coming when you try something new. For this reason innovation is one of my own most treasured values.

Learning a new skill or trying out a new path may blaze a new strategic direction.

Are the decisions you are currently making each day empowering you or holding you back? Fear is a crappy state to operate life from. 

Fear isn’t a state of expansion and having faith takes just as much effort and is a heck of a lot more productive.

As business leaders, our decisions impact our progress every day.

The choices you make expand or contract your business.

We have to invest in growth and evolve, and the sooner you do it willingly, the less you will have to face later when it is forced on you anyway.

I have been working with business owners my entire career. I’ve taken new products to market and it’s always interesting to see who is open to learning, taking risks, and trying something new. Hint: it’s not most people. The pioneers and early adopters blaze trails for others to try to keep up.

The biggest barrier I see for many entrepreneurs is in their decision-making and commitment to their vision.

It’s easy to get stuck in the comfort zone, doing what feels safe.

But real growth happens when you step outside that zone and take calculated risks.

To take a risk and try and fail or succeed, one way or another, you will get the information you need.

The fact is, you will do it when you are ready.

Here are two recent examples from my clients that made decisions to grow and that have created the conditions for real progress as a result.

Activating Consistency with Email Marketing to Engage an Audience with Value

This client has been slowly building the value proposition for his media company tailored towards promoting executives and emerging tech. He’s built a database of readers, featured top professionals, and grown a valuable backlink domain authority score. However, he wasn’t consistently doing email marketing, a lever to gain more visibility and audience engagement.

When he decided to get started with continuity, the first email had a 10% open rate, the second around the same. With some adjustments, the third email hit a 35% open rate, fourth 38%. Consistency came to life, and he began seeing progress. He apologized for taking so long to start but once he decided, momentum followed.

This activation enhanced his value proposition in sales conversations. Resulting in revenue growth once he committed to investing in this area of his business. Momentum continues to pick up.

Scaling Client Acquisition with Paid Ads and SEO

Another client, a professional services firm, has been growing organically with a branded website and some occasional ad spend and basic SEO. This year, they invested in renovating and taking over an entire floor in their building to accommodate their growing team.

I’ve worked with them for 8 years, patiently waiting for them to expand their marketing initiatives. They recently received a grant and decided to invest in PPC and more SEO to drive new client acquisition. With a solid value proposition and a proven, growing and expanding business model, this type of investment acted as gasoline for their growth. Soon into the campaign the CEO wrote to me that they have seen a noticeable increase in new clients in their main location.

So what about you, where might you be holding yourself back from creating momentum in growing your business?

What decision are you avoiding making?

What do you instinctively know will move the needle forward in your business but you haven’t activated yet?

Here’s your permission slip to go for it and just do it!

If you need some help identifying these types of growth levers in your own business, reach out to arrange a consultation with our team.