Tania Amaral

Project Manager, PrepCan

If you are looking for someone to help you with marketing and brand awareness to grow your business, Suzanne is the person for the job. Not only is she knowledgeable about proven techniques and strategies, she always goes above and beyond to ensure that you meet your end goal. Suzanne helped me launch a start-up website and increased our traffic and conversion rates in 1 short year, and continues to do so with the same passion and enthusiasm that she showed from the onset. Her attention and commitment to her clients never wanes. She is also a great group facilitator and does a great job to spurn discussion and encourages the kind of brainstorming and divergent thinking that is critical for a business to succeed.

Elizabeth Smith BA, BSW

Director of Clinical Services

Suzanne is professional, efficient, creative, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Suzanne knows her industry and has been a great teacher in helping my business partners and I navigate through unfamiliar territory. Suzanne developed our website, helped brand our company, increased our online presence, and continues to provide marketing support to my business partners and I on a monthly basis. We feel strongly that Suzanne has been instrumental to the amazing success and growth our business has experienced over the past year. Thank you Suzanne!

Angela Worobec

Marketing & Communications Consultant, Freelance Graphic Designer, Photographer

Suzanne Huber is a great leader. Whether she is taking a company to the next level with her marketing initiatives, or managing a team, she has a unique way of knowing what works and what sells. I have worked with Suzanne on a number of marketing and development projects, her clients have always been happy with the results. I strongly recommend Suzanne if you want your company to reach new heights.


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