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Is Marketing an Expense or Investment? Providing Your Team With the Resources to Succeed

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Are you providing the resources and support for your team to be successful?

All businesses are limited by the revenue they bring in, of course. But if you are too restrictive with reinvesting cashflow back into marketing and growth, you may unfortunately find that your human capital investments do not live up to their potential. You also can’t expect exponential results by doing the same thing either, without providing additional resources or other forms of support to help new stretch goals come to fruition. 

A lack of support or commitment to seeing investments through to ROI activation can be a lost opportunity. 

You may as well not have even bothered at all! 

I have been on a team of top performers that were unable to live up to their potential, and I have also been on resourceful winning teams that achieved and conquered against all odds. The difference between the two outcomes usually boils down to the trust, support and the resources that were provided to make it happen. 

Amplify your reach

A few key areas that you may want to focus some ongoing budget to amplify your reach and generate the results you are after include:

  • Investing in website traffic through paid ads and publishing new content
  • Strengthening organic social with paid boosts to 3-4x your reach
  • Creating content to influence the buyer’s journey and create confidence in your offers by sharing your knowledge and expertise
  • Social proof (case studies, reviews etc.) 
  • Software and tools that enable teams to punch above their weight and save time (marketing automation, image subscriptions, premium Canva, CRM, LinkedIn Sales Navigator etc.)
  • Growing your list of prospects and customers to nurture digital relationships with
  • Regularly communicating to your list of contacts 
  • Training- investing in and trusting your team, to empower them to go the extra mile
  • Augment your team with skilled talent to fill any gaps you currently have

Old ways won’t open new doors. You have to test and learn. Once there’s enough traction in place, you can pull on the levers based on the criteria above and generate new opportunities. 

You need to believe in and trust your team to produce while setting up the ideal conditions for them to thrive. 

A little budget and empowerment can go a long way when you give your team what they need to succeed.

It’s up to you to set up these ideal conditions, so those results that you are after can come to fruition. 

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