Meet Suzanne Huber

Bringing your digital marketing strategy to life.
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Change Agent, Inventive & Untraditional, Innovator

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Suzanne started her career by launching a software company that offered real-time flight information and digital advertising to hotels. In just over a year the company grew throughout Canada and into the US.

Since then, Suzanne has advanced her marketing and technical expertise as a consultant for hundreds of companies over the last decade. Throughout her career to date Suzanne has launched five businesses as an entrepreneur, consultant and employee.

Suzanne is known for bringing fresh perspectives to break old patterns while inventing new approaches and strategic directions for clients. Her passion for driving growth for her clients while building strong enduring relationships has made her sought after by executives and entrepreneurs growing their firms.

In 2016, Suzanne presented in the first ever Women’s Leadership Virtual Summit as one of the 14 most inspiring, successful, and empowering female leaders from all across the globe.