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"We hired Suzanne in 2018 to help us reinvent our brand identity and continue to use her services ongoing to help us manage our advertising, social media and website which she does a fantastic job at. The rebrand has really helped move our company to a new level in our industry and has helped our company experience great growth in all areas ever since. I would recommend Suzanne to any company that is looking to take their company to a new level, looking to grow their business and help them stand out in their industry.”
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Colin Unruh
President & CEO of Cedar Ridge Designs

Is It Time To Go New Heights?

Are you using the correct channels and making the right investments to connect with your ideal customers online?

We know that most CEOs don’t like to manage their marketing function. However, fast client acquisition is essential if you’re looking to grow revenue and impact quickly. Suzanne and her team have been helping CEOs and non-profit leaders develop creative strategies that attract clients with speed for over 15 years. 

Learn how to create the right digital mix based on your goals, budget and who you are trying to attract by developing and implementing your strategic growth plan.

Make empowered marketing decisions and grow faster with our help to accelerate the growth of your organization.

We are on a mission to double the revenue of SMEs with fast client acquisition strategies. We teach business owners how to scale up their sales and marketing so they can accelerate revenue growth and realize their true potential.

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Our Values


We believe speed is a core differentiator. We're fast to communicate, execute on our plans and complete projects. We don't miss deadlines.


We like to have fun while we put in our best efforts. A good sense of humour lightens the mood and makes meetings less painful.


We're not scared to blaze new trails and find new ways to connect with customers. We come up with new approaches you haven't thought of!


We are creative with our resources for maximum impact. We make it happen with the tools in our arsenal.


We are an agile team of domain experts. We take pride in our work and delighting our clients in the process to create lasting partnerships.


No babysitting necessary. We are a team of professionals who know what lane to stay in while getting work done on time. Leave it to us!

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We work with senior leaders, executives and entrepreneurs to create and implement strategic growth programs that accelerate new client acquisition.

Strategic Growth Plan

Are you ready to invest in ROI-driven business acceleration while gaining new proficiencies?  Get trained once and make more confident marketing investment decisions while developing a strategic growth plan.

Digital Marketing

Growing to new heights is a result of consistent tactics implemented ongoing over time. Unlock sustainable revenue growth while taking the backseat with managed services programs that attract new customers.

Marketing Makeover

Could a messaging and visual revamp hold the keys to your next level? A marketing makeover can be the secret weapon you need to freshen up your positioning and have more compelling interactions with prospective clients.

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