How to Harness the Power of Your Personal Brand

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“Character may almost be called the most effective means of persuasion.”   – Aristotle

Society has trust in brands—whether is it a well-placed celebrity spokesperson endorsing a product or you are choosing which toothpaste to purchase, we live in a world where trust and exchange of dollars need to be tied to a perceived value or differentiating factor. Unless you have golden arches branding like McDonald’s, you need to help make it easy for people to buy you.

Your reputation personally and professionally is tied to your personal brand which is how you conduct yourself around others and the sum of your personal experiences and education that define your character.


Whether it is a potential employer or a prospective new client, people are going to Google your name to see what comes up about you. Why not give a presentation?

By having a portfolio of your work online and a personal site, prospective clients or employers can assess your skills as they would when researching a car to purchase before going into the dealership. Testimonials, case studies or accomplishments all help you.

You are not being egotistical about yourself; you are not selling yourself in a world that demands you do. It is expected if you are a creative professional to have a site and job seekers may find blanks in job applications for personal pages, Twitter accounts and Facebook links.

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